Your question: Do I need a visa to travel to Israel and Jordan?

A passport and a visa are required. Jordan issues visas to U.S. citizens for a fee at most international ports of entry and at most international land border crossings upon arrival.

Do Israelis need a visa for Jordan?

Neighboring Jordan is a popular destination for Israeli visitors, so we field a number of questions about visas for entering Jordan. No matter where you’re crossing the border, you will need an entry visa, though they’re relatively simple to get.

Can you cross the border between Israel and Jordan?

There are three border crossings between Israel and Jordan: the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal/Wadi Araba Crossing, the King Hussein Bridge (Allenby) Terminal and the Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing.

Do you need a visa to enter Jordan?

A passport with a validity of at least six months and a visa are required for entry into Jordan.

Can I apply for Jordan visa online?

Prior approval is required for:

A holder of a U.S. travel document or any other type of re-entry travel documents. You can apply for a visa online through the Ministry of Interior website E-Applications for visaThe user manual is available in bothEnglish & Arabic.

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How much is Jordan visa?

Jordan Tourist visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Validity Total cost
Multiple entry (30 days stay) Up to 180 days $286.50
Multiple entry Up to 5 years $299.00
Multiple entry Up to 5 years $369.00
Multiple entry (30 days stay) Up to 180 days $396.50

What is the best time to visit Israel and Jordan?

Tours of Israel and Jordan are popular in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. Jordan’s deserts can reach tarmac-melting temperatures in summer, yet be below freezing in winter, so milder months like May and October are your best bets to visit.

How many days do you need in Israel?

Ten days to two weeks are probably the best length of time to get a good feel for Israel, allowing you to tour around and spend a few days in the major tourist destinations of Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Dead Sea, and Tel Aviv.

What countries can you not visit after going to Israel?

Countries You CANNOT Visit with an Israel Passport Stamp

  • Iran**
  • Iraq** (Iraq not Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • Afghanistan.
  • Lebanon.
  • Syria.
  • Libya.
  • Kuwait.
  • Pakistan.

Can you travel from Jordan to Palestine?

You can travel in your private car from Jordan to Palestine/ Israel, and back (but NOT with a taxi or rental car). If you don’t want to take your car over the border, you can also leave it in a parking lot on either side of the border.

Can I get a Jordan visa on arrival?

Visa can be obtained upon arrival. You will need to get in contact with the closest Jordanian Embassy in order to obtain a visa before you arrive. Visa can be obtained upon arrival, it will cost a total of 40 JOD. Visa can be obtained upon arrival, it will cost a total of 40 JOD.

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Can I apply for a visa at the airport?

Visas can be obtained in advance of travel to save time. If you’re planning to stay less than 90 days, you can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport. A VOA costs 33.26. In order to be issed a VOA, you need to present a return or onward ticket.

Is it safe to travel to Jordan as a woman?

Jordan is one of the safest places for women to travel around in the Arab world, and is an excellent introduction for first-time visitors to the Middle East.

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