Where is the warmest place in Israel?

Tirat Zvi was founded in July 1937 by religious German and Polish immigrants who had no idea that the Beit She’an Valley, in which Tirat Zvi and several other kibbutzim are located, lies 220 meters (722 feet) below sea level, making it not just one of the hottest places in Israel, but also one of the hottest places on …

Where is the hottest place in Israel?

In Sedom (southern Dead Sea) the daily maximum temperature reached an outstanding high of 49.9°C, which is the highest temperature recorded in Israel since June 1942 (On June 21st 1942, 54°C was measured at Tirat Tzvi, the highest temperature ever recorded in Israel).

Where is the best climate in Israel?

The city of Eilat, located at the southernmost point of Israel and the northern tip of the Red Sea, has a good climate for beach holidays all year round.

Is Israel warm all year round?

Daytime Israel temperatures are very pleasant; around 60-70F (15-25C) degrees in most of the country (still hot, though, around the Red Sea and Dead Sea). Jerusalem will be in the 40-50F (5-10C) in the evening. There will be some rain – nothing torrential. Israels winter weather fluctuates.

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What is the coldest temperature in Israel?

While last year’s snowfall of 60-100 centimeters in the Golan Heights dwarfed this year’s 40 centimeter offering, the Israeli Meteorological Society reported that Kibbutz Merom Golan on the Golan Heights experienced temperatures of -14.2° Celsius (6.4° Fahrenheit) during last week’s storm, the coldest temperature …

Is Israel humid or dry?

Israel has a wide variety of climatic conditions, caused mainly by the country’s diverse topography. There are two distinct seasons: a cool, rainy winter (October–April) and a dry, hot summer (May–September). Along the coast, sea breezes have a moderating influence in summer, and the Mediterranean beaches are popular.

What is the current climate in Israel?

Current temperature in Eilat 37.8° degrees, humidity 24%.

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Israel news Dry weather with strong easterly winds 03/12/2017 10:44:06
Israel news Today partly cloudy and cold 29/01/2017 14:41:23
Israel news Cloudy with high temperatures and light rain 25/01/2017 14:42:20

Does it ever snow in Israel?

Israel’s central mountainous region, including Jerusalem, gets snowfall every few years. In 2013, a major blizzard knocked out power in several neighborhoods after blanketing the city with up to 30 centimeters (1 foot) of snow.

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in the Dead Sea?


hideClimate data for Dead Sea, Sedom (390 m below sea level)
Month Jan Year
Record high °C (°F) 26.4 (79.5) 47.0 (116.6)
Average high °C (°F) 20.5 (68.9) 30.4 (86.7)
Daily mean °C (°F) 16.6 (61.9) 26.1 (79.0)

What is the average temperature in Israel in December?

In December, the average daily temperature is a cool 10°C (50°F). There isn’t much variance throughout the day. The daily high typically reaches just 14°C (57°F), while the low drops a bit to 6°C (43°F).

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What is the best month to visit Israel?

The best times to visit Israel are in spring or fall, because the days are pleasantly warm, with temperatures around 79°F, and the nights are cool. It can be quite hot during the day from June to August, with average temperatures of 90°F.

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