What does Yesh Li mean in Hebrew?

What is yesh li in Hebrew?

yesh li literally translated means there is for me.

How do you say possession in Hebrew?

Possession. Possession is generally indicated using the preposition של /ʃel/, of or belonging to: הַסֵּפֶר שֶׁלִּי /ha-ˈsefer ʃeˈli/ (literally the-book of-me, i.e. my book) הַדִּירָה שֶׁלְּךָ /ha-diˈra ʃelˈχa/ (literally the-apartment of-you, i.e. your apartment, single masculine form)

What does Yesh Li Yadayim mean?

Translation: I Have Two Hands. Circles Kids. Ethnic Origin: Folk – View All Dances.

How do you say lesson in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for lesson is שיעור . It comes from the root ש. ע. ר meaning measure: a lesson is a measured portion of a greater course.

What does Li mean in the Bible?

Means “to me” in Hebrew.

Is Lee a biblical name?

Lee is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is English. Lee name meanings is A short form of farley.

Is House masculine or feminine in Hebrew?

The word for “houses” is בָּתִים, masculine, plural (it is pluralized irregularly; the singular form is בַּיִת).

Are cities masculine or feminine in Hebrew?

However, in Hebrew, all words have a gender, not only those with a masculine or feminine nature. So, for example, עִיר (“city”) is feminine.

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Does Hebrew have pronouns?

In Biblical Hebrew, personal pronouns change form according to gender (masculine, number (feminine, and person (first, second, or third. Grammatically they are very similar to pronominal suffixes, but they stand alone rather than attaching to other kinds of words; also, they are more limited in their function.

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