What does racham mean in Hebrew?

What is racham Hebrew?

Rakham: A touch of COMPASSION – Hebrew Word Lessons.

What is racham English?

Racham is of Hebrew origin and it is also predominantly used in the Hebrew language. The name’s meaning is ‘compassionate’. … Forms used in English include Rachaam, Rachaman, Rachamin, Rachan, Rachem, Rachim, Rachin, Rachman, Rachmiel, Rachum, Rachym, Raham (used in Hebrew too), and Rahamim.

What does rechem mean in Hebrew?

Rechem: Womb. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 7358). … As we near the Christmas season it seems fitting that we look at the Hebrew word rechem, meaning womb. Yeshua (Jesus) came to earth through Mary’s womb.

What does Chomer mean in Hebrew?

From Hebrew חומר חֹמֶר‎ (khómer, “clay, heap, large unit of volume”).

What is the Hebrew word for empathy?

הזדהות רגשית (heez-dah-HOOT reeg-SHEET) is emotional identification or empathy. People typically use אֶמְפַּתְיָה (em-PAHT-yah) as well.

What comes from Hebrew word Rehem?

However, the word derives from “rehem” (see “raham”), which means maternal, womb or bowels (Koehler & Baumgartner 1998: 886).

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