What does Bevakasha mean in Hebrew?

What does the Hebrew word Bevakasha mean?

In Hebrew, “You’re welcome” is Bevakasha. Let’s break it down by syllable, Bevakasha. Now, let’s hear it once again, Bevakasha. The word Bevakasha means, “You’re welcome.” Let’s break it down this word and hear it one more time, Bevakasha.

How do you say Bevakasha in Hebrew?

And when you give someone water, you can also say בבקשה (bevakasha) “there you go”. 5. (slikhah) Excuse me. It means “excuse me” or “sorry”.

How do you spell Bevakasha?

For “please” we have a long word, which is: bevakasha (be-va-ka-sha). The “e” sounds like the “e” in the word “egg”.

What does Beseder mean in Hebrew?

adv. and adj. Alright; fine. [lit. “in order”]; “OK” (Glinert).

What does Tov mean?


Acronym Definition
TOV Tomatoes on the Vine
TOV Tone of Voice (linguistics, branding)
TOV Treaty of Versailles (treaty ending WWI)
TOV Total Observed Volume (measurement)

How do you respond to Ma nishma?

Terms in this set (6)

  1. Not good. Lo Tov.
  2. not bad. Kacha kacha.
  3. Good. Tov.
  4. Very good. Tov ma-od.
  5. Excellent. Mezzuyan.
  6. Great!! Mashehu mashehu!!

What is your name in Hebrew?

To ask “What is your name?” in Hebrew, we say מַה שִּׁמְךָ? if you are speaking to a male, and מַה שְׁמֵךְ? ‎ to a female.

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Is Hebrew hard to learn?

How hard is it to learn Hebrew? It could be difficult to learn the Hebrew alphabet, which contains 22 characters. Unlike in most European languages, words are written from right to left. … The pronunciation of the R sound in Hebrew is a guttural sound, much like in French.

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