What color is Katom in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for orange, the color not the fruit, is katom.

What are the colors in Hebrew?


  • סָגֹל — purple, violet (adjective) sa-gol.
  • אָדֹם — red (adjective) a-dom.
  • כָּחֹל — blue (adjective) ka-ḥol.
  • צָהֹב — yellow (adjective) tsa-hov.
  • כָּתֹם — orange (adjective) ka-tom.
  • יָרֹק — green (adjective) ya-rok.
  • שָׁחֹר — black (adjective) sha-ḥor.
  • לָבָן — white (adjective) la-van.

What does varod mean in Hebrew?

As we said, the Hebrews had adopted the ancient Persian word for rose in the form vered. Ben-Yehuda took that root, v-r-d, and created varod. And thus Hebrew got a word for pink.

What does rainbow mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for Rainbow is קֶשֶׁת – Qeshet . Interestingly enough Keshet, other than Rainbow, also means a war bow.

What are the colors in Arabic?

Colors – ألوان (alwàn)

English Arabic Translation
Blue أزرق azraq
Green أخضر akhdar
Yellow أصفر asfar
Orange برتقالي burtoqally

What is God’s favorite color?

Blue: God’s Favorite Color.

What does orange symbolize in the Bible?

It speaks of youth, happiness, the harvest, hospitality, love and benevolence. But since it is also taken as off-white, it can be the color of degradation or cowardice. Symbolic of endurance and strength, orange is the color of fire and flame.

What does Keshet mean?

The name Keshet is a girl’s name meaning “rainbow”. This feminine name, pleasingly reminiscent of Kismet, has a similarly lovely meaning: Rainbow.

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