What was one of David’s accomplishments ruling the kingdom of Israel quizlet?

What was one of David’s main accomplishments ruling the kingdom of Israel?

As Israel’s second king, David built a small empire. He conquered Jerusalem, which he made Israel’s political and religious centre. He defeated the Philistines so thoroughly that they never seriously threatened the Israelites’ security again, and he annexed the coastal region.

What happened to the kingdom of Israel after Solomon’s rule?

After the death of King Solomon (sometime around 930 B.C.) the kingdom split into a northern kingdom, which retained the name Israel and a southern kingdom called Judah, so named after the tribe of Judah that dominated the kingdom. … Before its destruction, Israel also fought against a non-Jewish kingdom called Moab.

What are two of King Solomon’s greatest accomplishments?

King Solomon’s greatest achievement was building the Temple in Jerusalem, the center of Israel’s religious life. What was King Solomon’s greatest achievement? Solomon overextended himself economically by keeping many wives whom he had to support in luxury. He has to increase taxes.

What made King Solomon rich?

King Solomon was made rich through commerce, trading, gifts he received, tribute money paid to him and heavy taxation. Five talents of gold or silver would make you a multimillionaire by today’s standards. A talent in parables during the Old Testament was equivalent to 20 years of wages for the common worker.

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