Quick Answer: Why Israel Adesanya is so good?

Is Israel Adesanya really good?

He is great. One of the best fighters that the UFC has right now, and an absolute stud in the Middleweight division. If you want to get accustomed to Israel Adesanya check out his fight against Robert Whittaker.

How much does adesanya make in Israel?

How much money will Israel Adesanya make? According to Fight Streak, Adesanya earned $640,000 in his UFC 259 clash vs Jan Blachowicz. The 31-year-old earned $600,000 from the fight and an additional $40,000 as a bonus from the sponsors. Blachowicz earned $1.04 million in the encounter.

Who did Israel Adesanya best fight?

#1 – Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

This was perhaps the most crucial challenge in Israel Adesanya’s UFC career.

How did Israel Adesanya win?

Israel Adesanya won a unanimous decision in a rematch against Marvin Vittori to defend his middleweight championship at UFC 263 Saturday night. Adesanya (21-1) kept out of reach from Vittori’s powerful punches most of the night and used his feet effectively, keeping the Italian fighter off balance.

How much money did Israel Adesanya make on his last fight?

Per Fight Streak, Adesanya made a confirmed $640,000 in his last bout at UFC 259, where he and Jan Blachowicz fought in the main event (he made $600,000 in purse and $40,000 as a sponsorship bonus).

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What is Dana White Worth?

In August of 2019, White’s net worth was estimated at $500 million.

Dana White
Born Dana Frederick White Jr. July 28, 1969 Manchester, Connecticut, U.S.
Known for Ultimate Fighting Championship
Spouse(s) Anne Stella ​ ( m. 1996)​
Children 3
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