Quick Answer: What is little boy in Hebrew?

What is little boy in Greek?

mikró agóri. More Greek words for little boy. κόπιτσας kópitsas little boy.

What type of word is little boy?

noun. 1A boy of relatively short stature, especially a male child not yet approaching puberty but typically above infancy. See note at small boy. 2A young son.

What is the word for boy in Greek?

Greek Translation. το αγόρι

What is good boy in Greek?

kaló agóri. More Greek words for good boy. καλο παιδι

What is walad in Arabic?

Descendant, offspring, child, son, boy, or young one. From the Arabic walada, meaning “to bear,” “to give birth to,” “to beget,” “to produce.” From: Walad in The Oxford Dictionary of Islam »

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