Question: What did the Israelites do after crossing the Red Sea?

Where did the Israelites go after crossing the Red Sea?

The Israelites walk through on the dry ground and cross the sea, followed by the Egyptian army. Once the Israelites have safely crossed Moses lifts his arms again, the sea closes, and the Egyptians are drowned.

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What does the Red Sea symbolize?

An action of God at the time of the Exodus that rescued the Israelites from the pursuing forces of Egypt (see also Egypt). … Once they were safely across, God closed the passage and drowned the Egyptians.

What is a midrash in English?

1 : a haggadic or halachic exposition of the underlying significance of a Bible text. 2 : a collection of midrashim. 3 capitalized : the midrashic literature written during the first Christian millennium.

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