Question: How far is Israel from France by plane?

Can I fly from France to Israel?

Am I allowed to travel from France to Israel? Yes, but conditions apply when entering Israel from France.

How far is Paris from Israel by plane?

Flight time from Paris to Tel Aviv Yafo is 4 hours 15 minutes. Not looking for Paris, France? Distance from Paris to Tel Aviv Yafo is approximately 3280 kilometers.

How far is the flight from Paris to Tel Aviv?

Flight distance from Paris to Tel Aviv (Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – Ben Gurion Airport) is 2043 miles / 3288 kilometers / 1776 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 4 hours 22 minutes.

Is France close to Jerusalem?

The distance between France and Jerusalem is 3277 km.

Can non Israeli citizens enter Israel?

Entry and Exit Requirements

U.S. citizens who are not Israeli citizens/residents must apply in advance to the Israeli government for a permit to enter or transit Israel.

Can Israeli citizens travel to USA?

Travelers with an existing valid visa in their Israeli passport may travel to the United States, even if they are also a national of or born in one of the seven restricted countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen).

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