How many Israeli soldiers died?

How many Israeli civilians have been killed by Hamas?

From 2004 to 2014, these attacks have killed 27 Israeli civilians, 5 foreign nationals, 5 IDF soldiers, and at least 11 Palestinians and injured more than 1900 people. Their main effect is their creation of widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life among the Israeli populace.

Who won Egypt vs Israel war?

The battle ended in an Israeli victory, with 40 Egyptian and 19 Israeli tanks destroyed. Meanwhile, Israeli infantry finished clearing out the Egyptian trenches, with Israeli casualties standing at 14 dead and 41 wounded and Egyptian casualties at 300 dead and 100 taken prisoner.

Why is Israel bombing Gaza?

JERUSALEM — Israel’s military bombed Palestinian militant weapons sites in the Gaza Strip early Sunday in response to a violent demonstration on the perimeter fence that left an Israeli police officer critically injured, the army said. …

Did Israel bomb Gaza today?

“After today’s provocative March of Israeli flags in occupied #Jerusalem, Israel is NOW bombing #Gaza (1:00 am local #Palestine time),” it tweeted. … Israel’s air force targeted at least one site east of the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, according to the IDF.

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