Frequent question: What is zip code for Jerusalem?


Is zip same as post code?

A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

Does Israel have a zip code?

There are two great ways to find your ZIP code. Assuming that you are an Israeli citizen/resident, you have a Teudat Zehut תעודת זהות (ID Card). … Slightly below the מס’ דירה (Apartment Number), You will find the full zip code, it is seven digits in total (mine starts with 99).

What is the zip code of Tel Aviv?

Postal code tel aviv. Israel’s postal-code system follows the same type of numbering that is seen in other countries, with one exception. Branch Name: Azreily branch Branch code: 112 Address: TEL AVIV – YAFO ZIP Code: 6701101 Phone: 03-9544555 Fax: 03-5424535 .

How many zip codes are there in Israel?

The switch means that Israel will now have 10 million possible unique postal codes – two million more than Israel’s entire population – as compared to the almost 100,000 possible addresses under the five-digit system.

Does Palestine have zip codes?

The new postal code has the format: [P]9999999 and is written to the right of the postal city name. They dont really use zip code in Palestine, but seems its 98700 OR 970.

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