Best answer: How do you say bad boy in Hebrew?

What is the Hebrew word for boy?

English-Hebrew. boy. (ש”ע) ילד; בן; נער, בחור; משרת (בלשון בוטה)

How do you say boy and girl in Hebrew?

Can’t read Hebrew yet? The Hebrew words for boy and girl are יֶלֶד listen and repeat and יַלְדָה listen and repeat, respectively. Likewise, a group of boys and girls – children* – are יְלָדִים listen and repeat.

What means a bad boy?

: a man who says or does things that shock other people especially : a young and successful man who does things in a way that is very different from the usual way. See the full definition for bad boy in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the word for girl in Hebrew?

English-Hebrew. girls. (ש”ע) ילדות; נדים (סלנג); עוזרות בית (סלנג) girl.

What is the Hebrew word for little girl?

Hebrew Translation. ילדה קטנה More Hebrew words for little girl. noun נַחֲלָה קְטָנָה little girl, small holding.

What is walad in Arabic?

Descendant, offspring, child, son, boy, or young one. From the Arabic walada, meaning “to bear,” “to give birth to,” “to beget,” “to produce.” From: Walad in The Oxford Dictionary of Islam »

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